First, you will meet with our landscape designer or landscape architect for a discussion on site. What is your vision? How can we help you achieve it? We will work with you to determine your project scope and budget.  Will your project just require a simple solution or a more thoughtful, detailed design? We want to make sure you have the quality outcome you desire.   



If your project requires a design, we first need your signature on a landscape design agreement form. We produce a fee proposal to outline our design steps. We then measure up your site, study existing conditions, and identify constraints. Site drainage and stormwater management issues can be creatively resolved. We then produce concepts for your review. At this point, we will provide a preliminary estimate. If involved in the early stages of a project with your building contractor, architect, or engineer, we can be particularly useful in determining the best siting of buildings and the location of parking and driveways. 


Based on your review and feedback on the preliminary concept and cost estimate, we make amendments and refine the design. If your project requires built structures, such as steps, a deck, pergola, or outdoor kitchen, we provide sketch drawings for your approval. 


After the final design has been agreed upon, we provide you with a detailed description of work to be completed, an itemized list of materials, plus final costings for your review and approval.  Often a project can be broken down into phases to work within your budget, and additional elements can be installed over time.